Certified Translation Offices in Egypt

Arabization World (AW) is a dynamic company based in Egypt, dedicated to delivering top-quality language services and solutions. Despite being a relatively new player in the industry, AW has quickly…
Rosetta Translations has a simple mission: Continually improve translation processes in order to provide high quality translation and localization services throughout the industry, provide premier…
Address: 7 El Gamea St., Bein el sarayat, Giza
Address: 3 El Reaya El Islameya St., Floor 4 Flat 7, El badrashin, Giza
Address: 9 El Lebbiny St., El Mariouteya, Faisal, Giza
Address: 3 Riad El Saleheen St., El Omraneya, El haram
Address: 4 El Boroug Towers, Mohamed Abdel Magid El Batran St., Floor 1 Flat 3, El haram, Giza
Address: 81 Teraet El Zomor St., El Omraneya El Sharkeya, El haram, Giza
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