Rosetta Certified Translation Egypt

Rosetta Certified Translation Egypt

Certified Translations

When individuals encounter the term certified translation, the exact definition does not really spring to mind. The term certified can have different implications, but when it comes to certified translations, these simply come with honest guarantee coming from the source, be it an independent linguist or agency. Certified translations are produced with ultimate accuracy through the in depth knowledge and expertise of professional translators.

This seems obvious to some individuals who might take these for granted, but the essential value of this assurance is held in a higher regard among a broad range of clients. Certified translations pertain to translations accompanied by a signed statement signifying that translations are complete and accurate to the best of the certified translator’s ability and knowledge.

Here at Rosetta Translation, we are highly capable of delivering efficient and fast certified translation services that suit your needs. As an active and long-term member of Association of Translation, we are able to provide or issue various certificates of authenticity for our exclusive translations accepted by most UK authorities that include UK Passport Office and Home Office.

Official Translations

Our translations can be legalized, notarized and certified to suit the exact requirements of clients. Our certification services are made available for major languages, including rare languages. All the documents received are handled and treated with discreet confidentiality.

Certified Translations for Authorized Use in UK and Abroad

  • Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of authenticity on letterhead papers are issued together with the translation and official document’s hard copy. All our certified translations carry our membership number in the Association of Translation Companies. Certified translations at Rosetta are accepted by the majority of UK authorities and organizations abroad.

  • Notarized Translation

Commercial or personal document translations can be notarized, so these translations can be accepted for any given legal purpose according to individual requirements. A notarial certification is attached to the certified translation by recognized notary public. Here at Rosetta Translation, a full range of notarized translation services to business customers and individuals is offered.

  • Legalized Translations

Some UK documents translations to be used abroad need legalization by Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Our company can arrange for clients’ certified translation to obtain FCO attached to it as a part of the company’s range of certified translation services to ideally suit the unique requirements of clients. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Whether it is a wedding in Mexico, job in United Arab Emirates or court case on Spain, we guarantee that obtaining official and certified translations is stress free and simple. For free quotes, kindly contact us in any of our certified translation office located in New York, Paris, London and Shanghai.

It is highly imperative to choose and work with a proven translation service provider such as Rosetta Translation. The company is composed of professional translators that deliver accurate and efficient results. This is the most suitable company to work with when it comes to certified translation needs because the company never compromise on the efficiency, quality and credibility of their works. All clients are guaranteed with precise and professional translations.